KPK handle of National Examination Budget not The The Tardiness: Johan Budi

Cover KPK tangani Anggaran UN bukan Keterlambatannya

Jakarta, Sigmanews- The messy of National Exam (UN) level of high school makes some people be concerned.

How not, the National Exam that must be held simultaneously in all regions of Indonesia in fact could not realized because the delayed of UN problems.

These impacts also impact on the readiness of high school students who of course was ready to face the UN. Now the the National Exam

Secondary Education level also complained of junior high school students as a thin sheet of the National Exam.

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi, KPK doing an investigation related to the UN budget and the new Curriculum of 2013.

"The Commission is handling national examination, make no mistake we are not reviewing the national examination, but on budget is not the delayed national examination."

Johan also claimed to have coordinated with the Inspector General (IG) Education related to this case.

"There has been coordination with the IG. Related to the use of national examination budget and its curriculum. But it must be remembered, this is still under investigation."

Previously, Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) and the Teachers unions have opposed the new curriculum curriculum because 2013 as a big budget and no apparent use and assume that the new curriculum is a curriculum that instant and the impact will be detrimental to children of the nation. [NS]

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