Fictitious Eyang Aswong,The Dealers Super Quality Counterfeit Money?

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Sigmanews - After enlivened with Eyang Subur figure, this time enlivened with public Eyang Aswong names. How not, he is now being linked fugitives counterfeit money has assessed the super quality for which there is a watermark, image heroes and not gets caught if touched.

Eyang Aswong name appears after City Police Bogor, West Java, have uncovered a network circulation of counterfeit money amounting to Rp 1.2 trillion. Where in the action, the perpetrators of fraud in the form of the lure of doubling money. Victim handed over the money in the amount of counterfeit money then exchanged in the form of dollars and foreign currencies.

One woman with the initials UM dealers aka Nuriyah age of 46 years has been arrested. Eyang Aswong network allegedly operating since 2012.

According to Police Commissioner Bahtiar Ujang Purnama Bogor today, Wednesday (01/05) there are two more actors are still the target of the police. However, the police suggested that this figure could be there Eyang Aswong or just fictitious.

The reason, according to police records, Nuriyah who argue that tens of thousands of these bills are thought of Eyang Aswong and and Absah who is still at large is an old player. He was arrested by police officers Sukabumi with the same case and sentenced to one year in prison.

To note, the police have seized 59,847 pieces of counterfeit currency rupiah and foreign denominations of Rp 1.2 trillion. Breakdown of counterfeit money secured comprising 50 549 5,000 denomination bills Brazilian real and 400 sheets of real fractions 1, 153 sheets $ 1,000 Singapore dollar denominations, 1,718 sheets Rp 100 thousand dollars, and 7,000 Chinese Yuan bills.

In addition to finding counterfeit money amounting to Rp 1.2 trillion in the offender's residence, officers also secured additional evidence in the form of a certificate from the Swiss bank plate made ​​of copper. (kmp/dtk/jpp)

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