Sefty Claiming Disappointed, fathanah Cheating With Her best friend

Cover Sefty Sanustika Fathanah

Sigmanews- Sefty Sanustika fathanah (29), wife of Ahmad fathanah, suspected bribery of imported meat revealed when she heard the news that her husband is a suspect in a bribery imported beef herself is quite shaken plus again as known from the media that her husband had a the relationship with a beautiful woman that is Vitalia Sesha, a adult magazine model and Tri Kurnia. This was disclosed by Sefty at her residence at an elite residential area, Pesona Khayangan, Depok, Friday, May 10 yesterday.

In her confession in the presence of a number of media, Sefty admitted quite hit as Tri Kurnia is her best friend. She further introducing Tri with her husband on one occasion some time ago. Knowing Ahmad Kurnia Tri fathanah had married secretly behind herself, dangdut artist is very devastated and disappointed.

"She's my best friend but behind me they did have a special relationship, I was disappointed," said Sefty sad.

Sefty admitted to not known Vitalia Sesha, but when she heard her husband give a luxury car, valued at tens of millions and hundreds of millions of rupiah in cash to the Vita admitted she was badly hit. Vita said he did not want to be married of siri by fathanah. "Although it was rejected but in fact accepted as well. She's (Vita) also know that if father're married, why accepted.

During marriage with her husband, she said that she never knew her husband's business affairs. Including where just flows into her husband's account.

She only received money regular monthly from fathanah. "I rarely meddling father business, if there any meetings I always separate themselves for fear of disturbing", obviously Sefty. When the money her husband gave out hundreds of millions of rupiah to another woman she was deeply disappointed.

Acquaintance with fathanah occurred in early 2011, by the mediation of a friend, who is also a close relative of former MCC (PKS) president, Lutfi Hasan Ishak who is now lodged a similar case. Since then they have met frequently and in the same year Sefty finally officially accepted the proposal of  fathanah to be a legitimate wife.

From marriage they were blessed with a daughter named Ammira Naura fathanah.

Today all fathanah’s property has been seized by KPK including some jewelry and a ring Sefty belonging and their diamond wedding. However Sefty claims remain strong and will continue to accompany her husband while raising their children who had just been born on March 22 without the presence of fathanah.

"I will continue to assist father until the case is finished and hopefully get leniency," said Sefty.

As reported previously, a number of Ahmad fathanah’s property, beef imports suspects have been seized by KPK. Including property which he gave to a beautiful artist, Among them, KPK confiscated Rp. 20 million and 1,800 U.S. Dollars from the famous artist Ayu Azhari. One unit of Honda Jazz car with plate number B 15 VTA and branded luxury watches Chopard from a model of "hot" Vitalia Sesha. As well as white-colored Honda Freed nopol B 881 LAA, Hermes bracelet valued at Rp. 80 million, and a Rolex watch worth Rp 10 million from the hands of Tri Kurnia Puspita dangdut singer, who later married of siri with fathanah.

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