Four Person Student Report Vice Rector to Police

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Sigmanews - Four University student Simalungun (USI), North Sumatra, reported elements Vice Rector (PR) II University Simalungun it to the police station on suspicion of sexual abuse.

Students of the fourth report since 15:00 pm until 20:00 pm Monday night (20/05), is still undergoing examination in the Chief of Unit Protection of Women and Children (PPA) Police Pematangsiantar.

The fourth student is NVH (20), DV (19), the U.S. (19) and LO (21), the whole is mahassiwa Semester IV Faculty of Economics. While reported initials are PR II USI Drs.AS MSi.

Police sources in Pematangsiantar, said the four students who complain it has signed a special authority to the Director of Legal Aid lawyer RATAS (Raja Talun Simalungun) Pematangsiantar, Drs.Kolahman Saragih MSi and Lucky Hariono SH and colleagues based in Medan.

As is known, the abuse allegations as stated in the note file legal counsel complainant occurred on 14 April 2013 at around 18:30 pm in the lecture room. When the learning process with the fourth being the professor is reported.

Incidentally, on the day of the incident are still only four college students. Then the professor questioned whether the job has been completed. At the time of the reported call asking why the student as recorded in the pages of his legal advisers file, holding the shoulders, neck and chest and then holding them.

After the incident, the student was terrified. Then tell it to one of the USI employee initials Yn.

Then Yn tell it again to other students until the problem is dealt with later and later Kolahman Saragih MSi Kolahman fourth as legal advisors believed evidenced a special power of attorney signed by the four complainants, which was signed by the four special powers sufficiently sealed.

In fact, say sources, before the case was brought to the police station Pematangsiantar, the reported party was summoned by LBH ratas. (dna/pm)

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