Traditional Clothes Of Tengger Tribe, Classification and Purpose Of Sarong

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Sigmanews- Tengger tribe is a tribe that inhabit the surrounding mountains Bromo famous with the cold. It is no wonder you will find many people who use the sarong as a cold repellent. Apparently, in the Tengger tribe lives, the use of sarong is not only complementary to men clothing or repellent cool but there is the famous classification of the use of sarong in the Tengger community. There are at least seven types of use sarong that are tailored to the work being done.

Sarong used for work called kekaweng. How to use cloth is folded in half and then attaches to the back of the shoulders and the ends tied together. This method is referred to as kekawung. It is intended to be free to move when the place of taking water or outlets. And strictly forbidden for use the sarong like this if you intend to go to the funeral or visit the event because there are way more polite. So, if you find people who wear sarong perched way above, you can bet that person is working or intention to work.

While for heavier work such as work in the fields or other jobs that require more power, the perch use sarong sesembong way. this Sarong looped at the waist and then tied like dodot (over the abdomen, below the chest) that are not easily separated.

Well, if you intend to visit to the house your have to pay attention to the Tengger community use your sarong. instead may visit you will be asked to work if you choose the wrong way to wear sarong. During a visit, the Tengger using Sepetan way. Its use is up to the end of the sarong folded waist line. Meanwhile, at the moment or just a leisurely stroll, they use kekmul way. After sheathed on the body, the top folded to cover both parts of his hands and then hung on the shoulder. If you want to travel and look neat, use sengkletan that is the Tengger community how to use a pretty sarong draped on the shoulders apart or dependent cross on the chest.

Another very typical ways, which is often found perched upon the gathered crowd at the ceremony or the other in the evening is kekodong. With bonding on the back of the head is placed sarong to cover all parts of the head, so it looks just the eyes alone. Tengger young children also have their own way of sarong, called sampiran. they wear the sarong draped in the upper back. The second part included the hole in the armpit and is supported by both hands forward.

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