Carrel Ticualu: Many Problems, SBY Government Failed

Cover Carrel Ticualu

Sigmanews - Politicians Hanura Carrel Ticualu judge, SBY difficult to carve out his reign with golden ink in the nation's history because the number of unresolved problems.

According to Carrel, there was one such issue is the expulsion of citizens from his hometown, like that which adherents of Shia Islam in Madura, East Java.

"This is another failure of the SBY administration for 9 years in power, in addition there are many criminals, injustice, justice perverted and poor people in Indonesia, as evidenced by the presence of BLSM for poor people in a general election, a very large number," he said in a brief message to Sigmanews, Tuesday (25/06).

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Democratic government failure is the lack of seriousness in creating renewable energy.

"So, there's always the fuel price hike is very miserable people and many other failures which if broken, would be very much," said Secretary of the Constitutional Guard Advocates Forum (Faksi) this.

Lawyer Anas Urbaningrum also questioned, frequent forest fires in Indonesia that affect ecosystems.

"But it turns out, the SBY government is unable to prevent forest fires, which in addition to harming neighboring countries, especially harming his own people," But, why just ask apology to neighboring countries, not to the people? "He added.

In addition, former Democratic politicians also saw the SBY administration has yet ripe concept for preventing the recurrence of forest fires. "So, it is appropriate, Yudhoyono condemned as global environmental contaminants," he said.


Reporter: Hidayat S.

Editor : Putumerta