FITRA: Indonesia Looking Towards Becoming Bankrupt State

Cover Uchok Sky Khadafi

Sigmanews - Coordinator of Advocacy and Investigation of the National Secretariat of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Fitra Secretariat), Uchok Sky Khadafi in a press statement, stating only six months, from late December 2012 to May 2013, the debt has increased by Rp 186 trillion. according to him, this means that Indonesia was heading to the country to bankruptcy.

"Signs of bankrupt countries, government debt continues to pile up the second, or the ground state assets along with other natural resources are owned by the private sector, foreign exchange reserves continued to erode, and dropped to zero," said Uchok.

Uchok explain, which by the end of December was USD 112.8 billion, and at the end of June has been eroded to $ 98.1 billion. In addition, the state toward bankruptcy can also be seen from the government that can not control the prices of basic kebutuhaan community continues to experience tremendous rise beyond the psychological barrier.

"And also the government can no longer afford to pay the salaries of state officials," said Uchok.

He explained, where in 2012, it can be reported that the realization of foreign loans of up to USD 1,721,107,576 or Rp 16,522,632,729,600. And loans or debt are shopping shaped loan program and project loan.

For loan program according to Fitra, amounting to USD. 1,126,964,821 or Rp 10,818,862,281,600. And loan program or loan program is borrowed foreign currency that can be converted to rupiah and used to finance the state budget. While the Project loan of USD 595 142 755 or Rp 5,703,770,448,000.

"And Project Project Loan is a loan or foreign loans used to finance certain development activities," said Uchok.

The following table of the highest ranking ministries, State Institutions, and state-owned enterprises spend a lot of foreign debt. (srr/pm)

1. Ministry of Finance, the debt of Rp 8,362,886,601,600

2. Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency, Forest Rp 2,899,999,516,800

3. Ministry of defense,, Rp 2,180,403,734,400 debt

4. Ministry of Public Works, Rp 1,589,081,395,200 debt

5. PT. PLN, debt Rp 567,213,120,000

6. Ministry of Transportation, payable Rp 438,608,755,200.

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