Chronology of Shooting Police in Ciputat

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Jakarta, Sigmanews- Shooting of a member of the Police Binmas Cilandak named Aiptu Dwiyatna (40) made ​​by unknown people near the end tumultuous month of Ramadan citizens.

According to the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto, the incident occurred at 05.00 pm.

"It was around 05.00 at the crime scene (crime scene) in front of Sari Asih Hospital, High Sasak, Chester, South Tangerang," he said.

Events that occurred Otista Jalan Raya, Chester, South Tangerang, began when the victim, Aiptu Dwiyatna about to leave for work in the police Cilandak. According to witnesses at the scene, no one heard the gunshot. When the witness was also rushed to the victim who had been shot.

The mysterious case of the shooting are still under investigation. (pm)

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